10 Tips for Avoiding Weight Gain on the Weekends

10 Tips for Avoiding Weight Gain On the Weekends

  1. Get outdoors!

Dress appropriately and find the nearest local park, hiking spot for a walk with your family.   Focus on the fun you are having and the conversations that happen.   

2.  Cook at home one evening

Try a home cooked meal where you can control the food content.   Slow cookers, instant pots, and dutch ovens are a great way to prepare a family meal.  Roasted fruit can serve as a great dessert with some whipped cream.  Search "recipes" on your PreventScripts Remote Monitoring app for recipes by the American Heart Association.  

3.  Train for something!

Weekends are great for training.   If you are new to exercise and focusing on starting an exercise plan, pick a small goal in the coming months.   Utilize programs like "Couch to 5K" or "Nike Training Camp" if you are a beginnner, and remember to keep your phone in your pocket so PreventScripts can be tracking your every step.  

4.  Discover the magic of tea!

Having a warm cup of tea is a great way to keep you satisfied AND hydrated between your meals.   Try green tea or Earl Grey in the mornings and herbal teas in the afternoon.   No caffeine after mid day is a good rule.   If cutting back on sugar is in your weekly care plan, try with a splash of milk.    Remember sweeteners can spike your insulin, leaving you feeling hungry hours later, even if they don't add calories.

5.  Have soup or salad with your “date night”

If you are having a date night with your loved one on the weekend,  try a soup or salad before your meal.   Soups and salads will help your body start to feel full, add fiber to the meal.   This will increase the chances that you are feeling full at the end of your meal.  

6. Split a dessert

If you decide to treat yourself with a dessert, split one with your loved one. 

7. Continue with your morning weight through the weekend. 

We know that in large research studies that DSW or "Daily Self Weighing" will result in greater weight loss than weighing in once or twice a week.    Try your best to continue your morning weight through the weekend.  Think of it like brushing your teeth.   Once you wake up, empty your bladder and then hop on the scale and connect your weight through the PreventScripts remote monitoring app.  Your weight is simply a data point, there is no shame in the number, simply an opportunity to improve your diet gradually over time! 

8.  Stay hydrated!

Keep your PreventScripts water bottle at hand and be sure to refill once or even twice if you have a high exercise day.   Your body is composed of 60% water, and it is essential for the functioning of EVERY organ in your body!  

9.  Avoid fast food

This is a tricky one, especially with your busy family and commitments.   If you are out for the day, plan ahead with a picnic basket with healthy snacks.   If you do make a trip, try for a healthy salad, or even simply have a sandwich and skip the fries.

10.  Remove junk food from your home.

As you shop, shop AROUND the store, rather than the unhealthy boxed food aisles.   Once you have cut back on the available candies, cookies and sodas you will have a drastic reduction in your sugar intake! Try using one of the delivery services like Instacart.   This can help you aggregate healthy meals plans for the week of cooking and avoid "impulse shopping".    

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