How much of my time is PreventScripts Remote Monitoring going to take?

PreventScripts is designed to be a very simple mobile remote program, based upon the latest research.  PreventScripts should take less than 5 minutes a day of your time!   Stepping on the scale first thing in the morning after you empty your bladder will take around one minute.   Our simple fruit and veggie tracker and water tracker will take less than a minute of your time daily.  We recommend that each week you select a new "My Plan" within the RM interface.  This will take less than 2 minutes a week. This is a proven approach to behavior change in which you select "eat less sugar" or "drink more water" as your goal for the week, for example.   We have a weekly email for you to read and bite sized "PrevenTips" which we will send you daily which are tailored for your goals for the week. Your provider will check in with you once a month, this will take around 10 minutes. 

Here is how your time commitment breaks down: 

1. Scale tracking: One minute a day

2. Food Tracking: One minute a day

3. Read a weekly email from PreventScripts to learn more about behavior change. 5 minutes 

4. Briefly view PreventTips which will come in to your cell phone daily: One minute a day. 

3. Start a weekly path by tapping "My Plans": 4 minutes a month

4. Monthly RM visit (at home) 10 minutes with your provider. 

Total Monthly time for the program is less than 45 minutes! 

Self tracking with your provider and PreventScripts will pay off in dividends!  Did you know that 80% of hospital and physician visit costs are related to chronic lifestyle diseases?  Here are your benefits: 

1. Your Health and Happiness 

2. Avoiding Hospitals

3. Avoiding developing a chronic illness and reversing early diabetes and hypertension

3. Avoiding Physician visits for Chronic Illness 

4. Minimizing your family's healthcare costs

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