Common Questions about PreventScripts Remote Monitoring Program

Who Pays for PreventScripts? 

Your provider pays for the license for the software on your behalf. Your provider maintains contracts with your health insurance.  and your health insurance is contracted in most cases topay for the Remote Monitoring Codes your provider bills monthly.  It is possible you may have a small copay for the RM services, but we are seeing great coverage by our health insurances in our community.  As is  typical, you may have co-insurance or a deductible and be responsible for a portion of the payment. 

Who has access to my data? 

Secure AND Private, we encrypt your data at the level of the banking industry and do not sell your data to third parties.  

How much of my time is PreventScripts Remote Monitoring going to take? 

PreventScripts is designed to be a very simple program. It will take less than 5 minutes a day of your time!  Your provider will check in with you once a month, but this won’t take more than 10 or 15  minutes!  Engage with the Preventscripts RM app and knowledge base through the "Support" tab and find healthy recipes, tips on meal prep, and more. 

Who Designed this program? 

Designed by doctors for doctors and their patients with the professional organizations that your provider trusts such as American Heart Association,  American Diabetes Association and the Center for Disease Control.  We use  the latest medical evidence in our software program to track and improve your  health. 

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