I am seeing "Device is not authorized to use Bluetooth LE" in the weight field on my Android phone.

If you are seeing this "Device is not authorized to use BluetoothLE" on your android phone when you are trying to connect your scale, go to your android "Settings" then go to "Apps" then select "PreventScripts RPM" then select "Permissions"  then click "Nearby Devices" then select " Allow" then select the "Back" arrow at the top then select "Open" PreventScripts RPM to go back to the home screen.  When you get back to the home screen, pull down on the home screen to "refresh" the page. You should see 0 pounds in the field.  Now stand on the scale and listen for the "beep" with the scale showing your number.   Pull down on the screen one more time to see the number in their weight icon! Here is a short video to help! 


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