How to use Instacart to Stop buying Candy Bars

At PreventScripts we want to help you make meal planning easier.   We know that your weekly meal preparation takes up your valuable time. Finding recipes takes up your valuable time.  Shopping for healthy food takes up your valuable time.  Resisting temptation to make impulse purchases while you are grocery shopping takes up your valuable time.  We want to share with you a few shopping tricks to help you

1. Find Healthy recipes quickly

2. Shop for healthy food weekly minimizing last minute store runs when you are hungry. 

3. Resist temptation for impulse purchases which are so apparent at most grocery stores. 

4. Intentionally cook more at home during the week to help avoid impulse fast food purchases.  

Being intentional and proactive about your food purchases for your family can help you eat healthier, save time, and save money on food.  

There are a number of meal prep services you can utilize to save on time. However these can be expensive.  There are a number of mobile apps you can utilize to find healthy recipes which are free.  

The best health hack we have discovered encompasses value for food purchase delivery, aggregation of healthy recipes into your shopping cart and creates massive savings on your weekly shopping time.  Included in this service are value shopping brands like Aldi AND acceptance EBT cards to boot if you are on a budget.  

Enter Instacart: 

Features we like at PreventScripts: 

1. A great variation of healthy recipes are available

2. EBT cards accepted

3. Go from recipe to cart in ONE CLICK. 

4. Value vendors like Aldi are available. 

5. Plan your meals on a weekly schedule, minimizing your last minute grocery runs and fast food drive throughs. 

6. Condense hours of  healthy recipe searching, meal prep, grocery shopping, and driving time into a 15 minute endeavor.  

Flip the script on your health by turning the unhealthy food industry on its ear.   You will spend some money on the yearly fee, 100$ at last print.  You will spend some money on each delivery for your shopper, 10$ a week.   Instacart is not a perfect system.  You will have to set up your notifications to AVOID impulse mid week spends on snacks.  

Your family will thank you for the home cooked meals and your body will thank you with years of health and vitality.  

For 10$ off a yearly Instacart membership click HERE. 

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